Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations President-elect Obama. You will be in my prayers as you lead our nation over the next four years.

With the election of Barak Obama as president we certainly do enter a new chapter in our nation's political life. People concerned about war and the financial crisis facing our nation said they want to give the "other guys" a chance to address these problems.

As people know, who have read my blog posts, I strenuously disagree with many of Mr. Obama's positions and his underlying worldview on the role of government and the importance of protecting the sanctity of life and marriage. And I'll no doubt continue to voice these views in the future. However, Mr. Obama will shortly become our next president. I pledge to keep him in my prayers and will pray that he has the wisdom to navigate the upcoming challenges internationally, particularly the struggle against terrorism, and restoring sanity and order to our nation's financial health. I strongly desire to see him succeed in these endeavors.

His election as the first African American man as president is also a milestone which I believe will have ramifications far beyond his presidency. Hopefully, it will help heal the racial divisions which continue to exist in our nation. His presidency no doubt will serve as hope and an example for a new generation of African American youths. Youths too often devastated by lack of hope and the devastations resulting from fatherlessness and broken homes. His presence in the office of president may well do more good than any legislation he initiates.

May God bless you and your family, Mr. Obama.

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