Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pawlenty and Comp Sex Ed

Entering the 2007 legislative session in January there were marked increases in the number of legislators who were supportive of abortion, homosexuality and condoms. One of their major initiatives was mandating that all public schools, grades seven through twelve teach comprehensive sex education.

Currently, Minnesota law requires school districts provide some education on sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The new proposal would have mandated all schools teach the comprehensive, pro-condom message each year, grades seven through twelve.

What does comprehensive sex ed teach? First and foremost it promotes condom use and gives lip service, at best, to abstinence education. But along with the pro-condom message invariably comes teaching supportive of homosexuality and homosexual behavior which means promoting acceptance of unhealthy sexual practices. And finally it encourages students to be accepting of their aberrant behaviors like cross-dressing and sex changes. Imagine, presenting these behaviors and lifestyles as OK to impressionable and often insecure teenagers. It would be a disaster.

Fortunately, thousands of phone calls to Governor Pawlenty and legislators were important. In the end the provisions were completely dropped.

We appreciate Governor Pawlenty's defense of common sense and the involvement of thousands of Minnesotans who made calls opposing this legislation. If people hadn't spoken out many more kids would be exposed to the bitter and unhealthy fruit of the sexual revolution in public schools across Minnesota.