Thursday, March 1, 2007

2nd benefits bill "requires" state to redefine domestic partner to include another adult of same-sex

By Chuck Darrell
Just days after introducing a bill that would allow municipalities the option of extending benefits to same-sex couples, a new bill has been introduced that would "require" state government to provide same. The bill would also redefine domestic partner as person of same sex.
This new bill is one of nine legislative proposals being pushed by OutFront this session.

So much for local control, now OutFront is requiring taxpayer funded benefits for same-sex couples state-wide. Excerpts from the bill indicate an aggressive attempt to redefine family state-wide.
"A bill for an act relating to state employees; requiring that health insurance benefits be made available to domestic partners of state employees..."
"'Domestic partner' means a person who has entered into a committed interdependent relationship with another adult of the same sex,..."
This is why Minnesota needs a marriage amendment. Last year legislators assured voters that our laws were sufficient to protect marriage and denied Minnesotan's the right to vote. We now call upon those legislators to assurethat these bills never make it out of committee - and begin efforts to pass the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment.