Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What to do when it's clear both smoking and homosexual behavior is harmful?

I've found gay activists become upset when one points out the harmful, unhealthy aspects of homosexual behavior. One's accused of being mean spirited, homophobic, hateful, unloving, etc., etc.

In fact, the loving thing to do is to point out when a person is doing something harmful to him or herself or to others. That's true when a parent sees his or her child doing something harmful.

It's also true when addressing issues on a societal level. One example is the issue of smoking. Another is homosexuality and homosexual behavior. Rather than promoting acceptance of homosexual behavior in schools or grant it social status and privilege via homosexual marriage, civil union or domestic partnerships, we should be discouraging the activity.

This point was made here in the context of the debate over recognizing homosexual unions in the Lutheran Church body, ELCA.


Troy said...

Interesting Tom, but I am sure you are aware most of the wars in history were religious based and killed far more people than gay sex.

Based on your premise, I should be preaching against you for your own good. (I guess I am doing that now).

I also agree that we should repeal the existing special rights for religion (like that ridiculous tax exempt thing you have going on...).

It's all about bettering society.

Unknown said...

You are speaking only of anal sex. Women same sex actions have nothing to be worried about.

But since your so into the idea that anal sex is not ok, read some real life medical studies, not focus on the family only based studies.

There is way more instance of unsafe, un healthy opposite gender sex going on.

Worry about the priests molesting childen, or the religious leaders having sex with prostitutes. Or the religous right leaders who are having affairs and then coming home and having sex with their wives.

Worry about the teen pregnancies that are the highest in bible belt areas.

Worry about the sexual abuse that is highest in the ultra religious households.

Since these are the areas that are having the worst case of abuse, I can say to everyone that it is actually dangerous to be near anyone of the religious right, since the choices of said people are dangerous.

You my friend are the moral corrupt and are the dangerous ones.

You have made the choice to be in the occult you are in, and its your choice to have the gumption to think that its ok to force your religion onto others.

I say its unsafe to think like you.

I would never leave a child of mine alone in your care, i would worry about your moral decay and your actions around my child.