Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama's end game for health care? Government run, universal, single payer health care.

There's never been any doubt in my mind where President Obama wants to go with health care in the United States. Government run single payer, universal health care system.

In this cut from a 2003 speech to the AFL-CIO, Obama is very explicit about that. He also says "everybody in and nobody out."

What are the implications of such a plan? Rising health care costs. Rationing. Declining quality of health care. Government payment of abortion. Euthanasia. Not a pretty picture.

Again this is a worldview issue. In Obama's worldview, our trust is in government not in God. A denial of how God designed and created our economic and social systems to actually work in the real world. Government will again meet our needs and solve our problems. The result? The abysmal failure of government control of health care in socialist models. From the USSR which takeover everything, including health care, to our neighbors to the north, Canada and European countries such as the UK where rationing and massive waiting periods are the order of the day.


Unknown said...

The idea that a christain group would NOT be for universal health care is so UNCHRIST LIKE, is to my opinion, and to my opinion a horrible sin.

CHRIST was NOT a politcal direction.

The use of power and greed within your religion gives me nightmares.

In my opinion, this opinion on health care proves that there is no Christ in your religion but only politics.

I shudder and weep for your followers.

You might have the right as an american to continue your lifestyle and to voice your practices. In my heart and soul I find your lifestyles a sin.

I pray for the the choice for you to change your lifestyle and to see your sins. I weep and pray that no child I ever have in my family comes into contact with the likes of someone that uses Christ in the way you do.

John Helmberger said...

Elaine, To whom do you think Jesus would ration health care? Who would he say should be denied health care because "comparative effectiveness research" indicates it doesn't have a good enough return on investment?

Unknown said...

Your views is what is rationed health care! when health care is not given out to all civilzation, based on only one criteria which is being a human that is when we are rationed.


We have community, there is goint to be waits and the only thing that will be rationed is that the rich will have to wait their turn just like anyone else in life.

WHEN healthcare is based on employer only based health care and is not paid by and through taxes then we are rationing that only the rich has the right.

In my opinion you are a sinner, you are a murderer for not voting for the rights of ALL people.

Christ is weeping for your soul in my opinion.

You have never had to pay for your own insurance or you have never had lost your job, or had a child who didn't have health insurance, or perhaps you never had a dieing parent who had to fight and struggle with health insurance because their employer denied them access.

I never wish that on anyone. I wish that only everyone had access and the only way that will happen is if we get universal health care.

how much time have you volunteered at a free clinic? how much have you seen in your own country of people not being able to get medication that will save their lives because they can't afford it because they can not get health care where they work?

How much time have you spent in a homeless shelter?

My relationship with Christ has thought me that all people, no matter what their education level or religious affliation, life style or choices they make in life should have access to insurance.

Even you, one of the biggest sinners in my heart and soul and mind.

The radical right of this country is the moral destruction of all humanization is my opinion and the day of judgement in my mind will come.

Anonymous said...

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