Thursday, July 30, 2009

The dangers and consequences of government run health care. And who do we trust God or government?

There's a great video on government run health care put out by the Acton Institute. In a few minutes it succinctly points out the dangers of government run health care. Frankly, the mess our health care system is currently in, rising costs, etc. is largely due to government intervention in the health care system. Now President Obama and Democrats in Congress want even more.

In very simplistic terms, the ultimate issue and question is who do we trust or put our security in, God or government? Some may ask what does God have to do with our health care system. For one, He's created the government as an institution in society to do certain things. When we reject His design for government, in a sense, we're rejecting Him. And second, who do we look to for our ultimate security in life, to provide for us, God or the government. Here Jesus' words come to mind about not worrying and trusting God to meet our basic needs. Or if we believe it all depends on us, we'll look to government.


Brendan M. said...

If the government is an instrument of God, isn't it you who are rejecting Him by rejecting the government? Which god do you credit with creating our government, your right-wing Christian version, or the disinterested Deist god of the Founders? Also, how do you sleep at night, conflating your own politics with Christianity and exploiting peoples' most deeply-held beliefs to advance your extreme right-wing, anti-government views, despite the fact that they conflict with the teachings of Christ to such a large degree?

Who would Jesus kick off of Medicare and Medicaid? I know who Tom Prichard would: everyone.

Unknown said...

Thank you Brendan.

The following of Christ and what is good for all man kind is not in their agenda. Only what is good for them as a political right wing extremist group.

The sad sad sad part is that they do not see how they relate to all the other extremist groups out there. They do not see how they are a cult, how they want colonization and to me that is a form of slavery.

I pray for their blackened, souls and choice of behaviors. Their lifestyle in my opinion is full of sin, and shameful behaviors. And do not follow the light, and love of Christ. If anything, I find their form of Christ to be anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Its a choice of behavior..
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Rainy Day Musings said...

I can see why the world does not take Christians seriously; even worse why they see us as hypocrites. I think the new Healthcare Reform is a prime example. The overwhelming majority of the Conservative Christian Right cares only about money and their tax dollars. They could care less whether someone lives or dies. The world sees this, and than we wonder why people are turned off by the Gospel and Jesus.

God knows what’s in your heart; you can not fool Him. He knows it’s all about money. No wonder it is said “Money is the root of all evil”. Unfortunately, many of God’s own children are reined by their greed and lust for money. I can not imagine the sorrow Jesus must feel, knowing the ugliness that lies in the hearts of the Body of Christ. Make no mistake – one day you and I will be held accountable.